Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shades of TINTIN


Notice the teeny little cowlick..reminds me of Tintin.

Incidentally a big fight is going on in the naming front..
Suggestions received so far include..
1. Siddarth
2. Anirudh
3. Varun
4. Aprameyan
5. Lakshminarayanan (in memory of both our grandmas)
6. Vishwamohan
7. Hemarangan

As you can see a lot of suggestion do end in N. This indicates a high probablity that the kid is south-indian. But a NAN ending pretty much seals its fate :)

Jump in and add your suggestions...counting begins in 1 week.
Results to be declared on 19th ;) Click on the comments link below.  Posted by Picasa


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Anonymous said...

Nischal,Anjan , Arav, Yuva , Madhu , Varshit , Ameiyan , Vatsav , Surya Kiran , Chandan , Nandan , Navneet, Neeraj , Dheeraj, Akshay

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