Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mr. Grumpy


A little grumpy having woken up from sleep.
Notice the Oliver Hardy chin? There is not going to be a jaw line on this face is there? Posted by Picasa

Tai Chi or Bharatanatyam


Sriks Jr. displaying some gesture... not sure if it looks more like Tai Chi or a dance mudra from Bharatanatyam. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sleeping like an old man


I am being bombarded by so many child rearing tips/myths/superstitions that I am paralysed on what to do sometimes.
One of those was that you should not let the kid lie on its back.
So when the nurse expertly balanced him on his side (I have not got the knack yet, he just turns-over to his back when I try) I thought I would take notes & learn from the master.

FYI Srikant Jr. held this position for close to 2 hrs..a record of sorts. Posted by Picasa

Shades of TINTIN


Notice the teeny little cowlick..reminds me of Tintin.

Incidentally a big fight is going on in the naming front..
Suggestions received so far include..
1. Siddarth
2. Anirudh
3. Varun
4. Aprameyan
5. Lakshminarayanan (in memory of both our grandmas)
6. Vishwamohan
7. Hemarangan

As you can see a lot of suggestion do end in N. This indicates a high probablity that the kid is south-indian. But a NAN ending pretty much seals its fate :)

Jump in and add your suggestions...counting begins in 1 week.
Results to be declared on 19th ;) Click on the comments link below.  Posted by Picasa

Face only a mother could love?


A slightly disoriented Srikanth Jr. Posted by Picasa

The New Arrival

  Posted by Picasa