Thursday, January 14, 2010

Starry-eyed startups & search for excellence

A few friends & I are trying to organise a conference called TEDxHitechCity.
The experience has been refreshing.
Getting to meet so many intresting people, from such different areas.

One such meeting today was with Sachin Rahlan of NotionInk
Sachin agreed to come & speak at our event and also demo his device.

While I was seeing him struggle to communicate with one of the admin staff, I asked the inevitable question, why Hyderabad. And his answer was "We strive for excellence and will go wherever, we have to, to get it"

Notion ink is developing a tablet/netbook/e-reader (however you want to call it)
They have got a phenomenal response for their prototype at CES2010 and are working overtime to get ready for a launch in June/July. Final details, pricing, availablity etc are under wraps . Look for some annoucements at World Mobile Congress in Spain in February.